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Ava Forex Broker Reviews

AvaTrade offers two types of managed accounts. The individual account is the simplest and involves a segregated investment account. The money manager makes all trades on your behalf, making decisions based on your instructions and guidance. The minimum deposit is $10,000. These accounts require two investors with $5,000 each. The service offers a number of additional benefits. Here are some of those benefits: The management fee is very low, and the services are very flexible.

AvaTrade does not provide any news alerts, but you can set up push notifications. You can contact the company by phone, through chat, or via email. If you prefer to reach the representative on a weekend, you can set up an account with a different provider. However, be prepared to pay a higher fee than you would with another provider. AvaTrade also does not offer weekend support. It is best to choose a different managed account if you do not have any experience in trading.

AvaTrade offers a free 21-day demo account. This account includes 100,000 virtual currency credits, live price feeds, and trading signals. After the demo account expires, you can extend its duration by requesting a new one. Once you’ve chosen a manager, you can upgrade to a real account from the demo dashboard. The only requirement for upgrading to a real AvaTrade managed investment plan is that you verify your personal information. If you need help, you can also take advantage of live chat support to ask questions and make the upgrade process smoother.

AvaTrade offers three types of accounts. The retail account is designed for beginners. The Standard account is ideal for experienced investors and professionals. There are no limits on the number of sub-accounts you can create. Each manager will be assigned a certain amount of funds. The minimum balance is usually $100 per currency pair. If you have more than that, the minimum is $500. The higher levels require more funds. This way, you don’t have to worry about losing more money than you can afford.

The customer service of AvaTrade is excellent. Its customer support team is available in 38 countries. Customers can contact the AvaTrade support team in fifteen different languages. The customer support center is staffed around the clock. AvaTrade supports its clients in different currencies and operates from various regions. AvaTrade is regulated in many countries. AvaTrade is a member of the Abu Dhabi Global Markets’ Financial Regulatory Services Authority.

AvaTrade has several customer service options, including local customer service. There is no minimum deposit required to start using AvaTrade. The company is a member of the IIROC. AvaTrade also offers a demo account with a virtual $100K balance. These accounts are only available to US citizens. AvaTrade is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and by the Central Bank of Ireland. AvaTrade offers Islamic accounts, but they do have wider spreads.